August 20, 2014


Reviving this blog with a little walk around my new neighborhood. I'm so lucky to have moved to such a photogenic city as Québec City in Canada. Also having great base material I finally had the chance to play around with some fun Photoshop tutorials. I LOVE the App Afterlight, so I was actually pretty pumped to whip up some similiar effects myself. Find the tutorials I used here.

The photo above is a little cute store (look at those flowers! Are we talking gorgeous here, or not?) I found about a block off the main street. I'm actually pretty in love with the filter even though it might be a bit over the top. But nothing like some crazy light leaks..
While exploring the Parque des Champs-de-Bataille I snapped this photo. The park really reminded me of the opening scene of 'Lady and the Tramp' where everyone is happily dancing and walking the streets with a blue sky above and candy colors everywhere. Yepp - that movie has really stuck with me ever since I was a kid. Québec has these almost british looking streets everywhere and I love that. When people say Québec is the most european city in northern America they certainly have a point.
Now to the artsy part of my day. The 'Musée de Beaux Arts' is part of the park I mentioned. Aside from all the constructions work that is going on around the area right now it is really a beautiful place. Hence the first photo. This filter I think my favorite because it has that actual old-photo vibe to it whereas most other filters just enhance the colors. This could be an old puzzle that you find on fleamarkets (or your attic if you have awesome grandparents haha). 

Being the biggest rebel in town I entered the museum without giving much about the entrance. There for sure was a sign with admission prices - but I didn't see it, so I just went right to the exhibtion. I got through three stories before a security guard told me (very politely!) about the fact that I would actually need a ticket to look at all the art. A ticket for 18 Dollars. Well okay great for everybody else. Sometimes you just have to play a little stupid I guess. After all I got a free tour which is great but I would only recommend spending those 18 bucks if you're really into art. 

If you want free (yes for real this time) art walk down Réne-Levesque-Rue-Ouest. There I found this gem. Two huge dragons. Very colorful, very pretty. The effect didn't turn out exactly as I had wanted but still nice. 
Because giving every photo it's own editing is a lot of work I also taught myself how to create a Photoshop-Action with the help of this page. A real time saver and I'm especially in love with the dreamy vibe this particular photo gets from it. The action is a simple mixture of the former tutorials. Again look at the fence, look a the house - SO european! Perfect!
So yes, lovely vintage-greetings from Québec City!
Love, Tabea

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