August 21, 2014


Carrie oh Carrie. I guess at some point in our lifes every girl has to get infected with the virus called 'Sex and the City'... I came across season 1 the other day at a local book store but didn't want to spent over 20 dollars on something that I wasn't sure I was gonna like - so I left it behind. Good call - just a week later I found the DVD at my library - for free. Yeay!

Now halfway through it, I caught the bug. Strangely though, I actually prefer the french dup version even though I understand less. To me, the original Carrie-Voice sounds way too young. So double score for me - entertainment + learning!

Well, starting the show I was expecting some crazy 90s fashion that today would seem totally unwearable. Well, fail! Although Carrie's era ended about a decade ago, she still has some serious fashion advise going. I picked the trends I especially marveled over while watching and went scrolling through the fashion lookbooks of Asos and Topshop - Well no surprise, all these trends are having a comeback this fall!

Carrie for sure sports a lot of (bra-less...) outfits that feature silky fabrics and thin straps. I love the feminin and vulnerable look of this. Also, here the material and color really come into play. Perfect for a day-to-night-outfit.

So here are my picks. All three basically go with any other piece but the more they are left to themselves, the more they shine. I definitely fell for the silky fabric, probably so nice and soft on the skin! Also - rhinestones on a dress? As long as kept classy for sure a trend that could come back!

This Pic is just so classic 'The Girls' - haha. I'm not quite sure yet about this big-manly-coat trend yet but I'm like that with most trends that are just a bit off the track. Right now I think it looks very classy and grown up while still being very eclectic. 

I was actually kinda surprised how easy it was to find oversized coats that both fit the wallet and my taste. Like the peach one - OMG, want it so badly. But the other two, too ..mmh, that grunge look. Just great. I love how in the series these are thrown over any kind of fancy evening dress - say fashion!

Peach // Black // Beige

Ohhh look at this gem - and I'm not talking about Mr. Big! The look on Carries face resembles quite well the way I admire her fur coat. I wonder if back in 98' PETA was already a thing? Anyway, I love the sophisticated look and overall luxurious style.

Fur has been with us for quite some seasons now. And once again, it didn't miss its place in the A/W'14 lookbooks. I guess you have to be either very brave or very cold to wear a full-on fur coat on a daily base though.

Still, a girl can dream right? So here we go: 

TeddyBear (Ok, I would actaully wear this one - so fluffy!)

Well that was my style-guide for some major 90s-fun. I loved making it and I honestly can't wait to continue watching 'Sex and the City' for more Carrie, more fashion and more NYC-lifestyle.

Hope you're having a faboulous day! Until soon!

Photocredit for all SATC-Photos: HomeBox Office 2010

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