July 05, 2013


Ouuuhhh! Karla Lagerfeld strikes again as my dad said! Guess what friends? I'm about to become a seamstress! Haha no! But I created this little skirt from a buttin-up yesterday and I'm thrilled to show it to y'all!
Okay it all started with my old swing mashine being old and pretty beaten up ... Ten years left their marks. So yesterday this 'little' paket from Amazon arrived and now: I'm the owner of a brandnew W6! No idea whether that's a very well-known brand - as I said I'm not gonna be a seamstress ever, so I not an expert at this. But so far it's doing well and I think it'll do the simple things I want it to. 
I'm not experienced at skirt-making at all, but actually with a working sewing mashine this was a quite doable project. I might write a little tutorial on this later. I added the wooden buttons, they just looked more classy than the plastic ones. I love that litle detail. The stripes are really cute and this skirt goes with so many things!

Because I've just fixed it a few days ago myself, I can show this on a DIY blog as well. I bought this necklace at 'Accesorize' (Is that how you spell it?) in Bournemouth about three years ago now. I found it the other day - well I did was fix the lock and bam! I got a new necklace! Had forgotten all about it!

Thanks for sharing my joy with the new girl in the house!
Lots of Love, Tabea ♥

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