July 03, 2013


Welcome to DIAL (call yourself smart, if you figure out this abbreviation) #1! After blogging here for more than 2 months, I feel this little blog of mine should become a bit more 'me'. I love to share my crafts but I think it gets really fun to read a blog when you feel connected with the blogger on a more personal level...

So I decided to create this new section called DIAL where I'll share what's happening right now in my (ever so exciting) life. So if you want to know how I roll ... come along!

It's strawberry time! Yeeeay! I've been out in the garden picking strawberries almost everyday. Sugared, with whipped cream, as jam .. ouuuh, so many ways to enjoy them! My dad made the best straberry jam this year. I'm on a stawberry diet these days - it substitutes for chocolate! 

Can you guess what this pink thing is? Dried paint. Yeah ... I should start by saying I haven't really gottten around to cleaning up my craft table.. guess there was some (quite a bit) paint left in of the glasses I use to mix paints. After soaking it in warm water, I pulled it all out in one go. 

Also I sorted my fabric and put it in neat piles. What an achievement. I was actually gonna reorganize my entire craft table. I was. I didn't take a photo of the mess I created but let me tell ya: it was epic and it took me three nights to clean it up again. I couldn't find the motivation to create a completely new workspace though. I'm a bit bummed about that ... At least I decluttered my craft supplies - the hoarder in me really comes out here. 
There can't be a personal blogpost without a blogger's face in it. So here are two pictures of my face. I think Afterlight is doing quite a bit for me. I'm having an almost-no make-up phase right now. Summer's on I guess. But also I gave up mascara for about 99% of the time right now. There are multiple make-up tools I consider myself being able to use. Not mascara. At the end of the day it is everywhere except on my lashes. Every single time.
Also can you tell I got a mosquito bite right under my eye in the second picture? No? Waaaah tricked you! Haha no, but editing is really quite amazing...
Lastly a photo of my cat Schmitti. I think he's a lot like me. His face just says too well what I think these days in school - get me out of here! I don't know, somehow I'm enjoying the last few weeks / days of school. Kinda like the last days of a year. Things are winding down a bit. Time to breath. 

Not much time though: I'll start working in just about one and half weeks and maaan this year has just rushed by!

Hope you're all doing well!
Lots of Love, Tabea ♥ 

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