May 22, 2013


Hello Sweetie-Pies! Today I thought I'd share some fun sneak peaks around my room. Sometimes it's the best to just fill yourself with some inspiration. I felt like that a lot recently. Nah, let's not even talk about my amount of Pinterest-use over the last few days.. So anyway, I hope I can inspire you a bit, too!

My latest project! Messing around with paint, late at night - Good times! Whenever I feel down, this is like therapy. Not quite artsy, but so fun! I think every so often we should paint in school. It gets a creative vibe going, it's incredicle. Once I start painting I always feel like new ideas are coming to mind my so naturally. 
Lace, lace, lace. If I could I'd probably cover my entire room in lace. I found this darling at the craft store the other day and man it's so cool! It looks like lace - but it's actually a place mat, like some sort of plastic with lace printed on it. I find this thing so cool - I don't even wanna use it for crafting anymore! Well, not yet at least. This could be used for so many projects. I need time to evaluate which one will reach up to the coolness of this thing. 
Have I mentioned that I enjoy making journals? No comment on this one. 
Okay here's the comment anyway: I fell hard for the simple heart pattern. I'm a sucker for hearts! ♥ Hehe
This one doesn't need a caption, does it? I made this card(?) quite some time ago. The scraps I used were all from a 'seventeen-magazine'. I don't give much for the content of teen magazines anymore, but their colorful photos are great to cut out and use! I might show you how I made the cute little book in the left, I used it to write down my dreams - or at least what I could remember of them. The candle on the right - heaven! I burned it everyday around christmas time.
And a last shout-out for: Colors and stationary! Where would all those journal-addicted-people be without their markers, fineliners and what not. I use these on a daily basis for my diary. I don't know, but seeing this splash of color on my nightstand just makes me happy! 

Hope to inspire with this! Now get out color, get out material and let's gooo!
Lots of Love, Tabea ♥

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