May 24, 2013


'Just keep running' - that is what my friend Allison told me at the last day of track practise, a few days before I had to leave America. It's been a year since then and this sentence has still stuck with me. Because so many people struggle with working-out on a regular shedule I want to share my tipps with y'all today. Running basiclly is the best way to relief stress and break through a creative block - you just gotta get started.

First off, I was never a work-out person and up to this day, people around me sometimes only shake their heads and ask what happened to me. Well this is what happened...
The Track Team of Denfeld High School in Duluth, MN. Man what a great team. I went to Denfeld for a year as an exchange student and had joined the cross country team in the fall. To be perfectly honest - I sucked at it and started waiting for the season to end merely three weeks after joining. Eventually it ended and I swore never to join a long-distance running group again. Well, I failed at that one. 
When my friends asked me to joing Track, they told me I could do sprinting which wouldn't be as hard as cross-country by far. Haha. Liars! I made it through exactly 2 practises of sprinting, I think. Then I switched over to the long-distance group. I met all my cross-country buddies again and to my surprise, after I made it through about a month of hard practises - I actually caught myself enjoying the daily runs. Obviously mostly the easy 30-minute-run-days, - hill-work-outs do and will always suck! Hehe! We went to meets and when summer time rolled around we went swimming in a pond nearby our route. I had the BEST time. If you're in High School - join the long-distance-team! These people are fuuuun! 

And this is how I started running. Being back in good ol' Germany, I continued running by myself. Here are a few tipps how I stay motivated:
Tipp #1 - Get good basics! For doing home- and running work-out these are like the very basic things you'll need. A good sport-bra, mine's from Target - no need to explain I think, it's comfy, it bears with sweat and yeah ... prevents any bouncing. A pair of tight shorts, they are nice for stretching and when wearing other shorts over them. A yoga mat will make any floor exercise muuuch more comfortable - no need to to do actual yoga on it - hehe! Last but not least - shoes. For running a good pair of trainers is essential. Do yourself a favor and invest a bit more money here, it's definitely worth it!  
Tipp #2 - Make it a challenge! To keep yourself on track, use a calendar and tick of everyday you worked out. I made a challenge out of this. For all of january I work-out on a daily basis and didn't eat any chocolate. Hard one! But so worth it. After 4 weeks all the 'chubb' from christmas was gone and I felt much fitter. I think when you start it's really helpful giving up eating something unhealthy, too. The combination of sport and a healthier diet will show results quicker and keep you motivated! 
Tipp #3 - Use rainy/wintery/ugly days! There are days when you just don't want to go out and run. I found the fitness section on Pinterest very helpful for this. They have so many neat work-outs that can be done inside on a yoga-mat without any extra gear. I put together two work-outs with my favorite excercies. These won't get you a six-pack but you'll definitly find your muscles more defined after about 1-2 of doing work-outs like these.
Tipp #4 - Music! Yeay for pump-up songs! Nothing better than to start off a a run by having 'Radioactive' blast through your body! Here are my ten favorite running/work-out-songs! 

I know it's still hard to get yourself to work-out (WORK-out ... don't wanna do it, duuh!) but being fit is cool and so are you! Everyone is a runner and a trained person if he or she just wants it really badly! So go out now and make the first step!! I know you can do it!

Lots of Love, Tabea ♥

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