May 20, 2013


Summer, Sunshine, Sunglasses! Let's head to the beeeeach!! If you'd sit next to me right now, you'd get the irony of that sentence - it's surrently raining and it's been a grey day so far. Yesterday was beautiful though! I got to spent time with my dad and my siblings, we went to the park and enjoyed the sun while the kids played on this massive monster of a playground. What a great summer day!

Being out in the sun I love to wear sunglasses, together with sun lotions they make my summmer season! When I bought my latest pair of sunnies, I didn't have a case to put them in. Cheap as I am, I decided to go for a homemade one. It was similar to the one I'm gonna show you today. I used less tape though, which made it less sturdy, so after using it for a while it looked pretty beat up.

So here is version number two of the DIY sunnies-case! This one should hold up for quite some time!
What you'll need:

It's really rather simple. Cut your paper so it'll still be big enough to hold your sunglasses when you put both sheets on top of each other. Then decorate them with Washi tape and/or paint. Yeay that's all for the pre-taping steps.

Now take each sheet of paper and cover it completely in shipping tape. It'll make it much sturdier and also add a nice glossy finish to it.
Next stick half of a piece of tape to one of the sheets, put the other sheet on top and fold the tape over. Do the same thing on both long and one short side and cute off or fold over any extend tape.
Done! Yupp, this project can be done in like 10 minutes (plus the time the paint needs to dry). This case for sure doesn't protect you sunnies from someone stepping on them etc. but it does prevent scratches on the glasses and that for me was the main point.

Hope you had a great summer-y weekend!
Lots of Love, Tabea ♥

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