May 15, 2013


Hey Friends! Today I'm back with a quick make-over I gave to those really old wooden boxes that have been around pretty much since I got my first own room when I was like .. a toddler maybe? I'm not kidding you, I literally had these all my life. But since my room is pretty colorful anyway these days and so were those boxes, I decided it was time to make them look a bit more matchy-matchy. 

So this is what they looked like beforehand. I know the picture is pretty brilliant - I should become a professional item-photographer (Oh yeah great english language right there!). Let's just call it an action shot. This project was one of spontaneous ones, started at like 6 pm. Yes, I go to bed early so this is pretty late for me - don't judge! So ya, I was kinda fixed on the outcome and didn't bother much with taking before-pictures - Sorry for that.

Because I didn't want my solution to be permanent I used plain white wall paper. I cut up a piece that would be long enough to wrap around the box. Then I cut this piece horizontally in half again because my roll of wall paper was actually wide enough to make up for two boxes. It adhered it with good ol' shipping tape and folded the remaining wall paper to the inside and used more tape to make it stick. Since this is probably not the best description - look at the pictures guys! 

Yupp that is how I did it. I didn't worry about the fact that you can still see the actual color of the box on the inside. I pack them full with stuff and put them on my shelf so nothing of that will be seen later. I'm clearly a rebel. 

But since just plain white boxes would be even more boring than colored ones they needed some more decoration to them. I had just recently put together a journal page using baking paper, so I still had some lying around as well as my newly bought washi tape...

So I created big labels for all four boxes. Each of them using a synonym for 'things' because I constantely change up the things I keep in these bad boys. I couldn't find a black marker anywhere around the house, so I just used black paint to write the words on the baking paper. I give you one tip - make sure the paint is completely dry before you go anywhere near your new white boxes with the labels, otherwise yeah .. stains.. 

Once I made sure everything was dry and set, I started taping the labels to the boxes. With a heck lot of glue - washi tape is crappiest tape when it comes to actually holding something together, don't even try using it by itself. You'll definitely need a glue stick and some normal tape to make the whole thing stay in place for longer than 10 minutes.

I have been thinking about giving these oldies a make-over for quite some time and I have to say - I'm very pleased with the outcome of this little project. Now organising and reorganising will be even more fun! Yikes!

Until next time, 
Lots of Love, Tabea ♥

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