May 13, 2013


Hello there! I hope you all had a great first day of this week  and that those of you out there being on vacation like me enjoyed their time off! 

So yesterday I started reading ' Will Grayson, Will Grayson' by John Green. It's the forth book by him that I read. I already went through 'An Abundance Of Katherines' (I read the german translation), 'Looking For Alaska' and 'Papertowns' (that one I also read in german). I'm not the kind of girl that reads multiple books by the same author, unless they are part of a series. So coming back to Mr. Green for the forth (and probably not last) time made my think about habits and consistency. 

I think habits are the greatest and worst things in life at the same time. During daily life I'm often annoyed by habits since they make me feel like I'm stuck in this routine that is just totally dull and not inspiring at all. Like when I can't get myself to wake up early in the morning to work-out. Or when I come home and check literally all social networks possible (talked about that here). All those things are really just a matter of habit. And that is why they are so hard to get rid of. On the upside though, this is the great thing about habits. You can build them by training yourself. I think that it's such a great thought to actually be able to control your behaviour in such a way.

The training method is relativly easy. Get off your butt and do it. Over and over again - until you get off your butt automatically. Wow, I'm sure I just enlightend somebody. Hahah no, I'm kidding. But seriously, doing something over a longer time will turn into something you do without thinking. My tipps for making this method a bit easier are: 

Use a calendar and check off each day you did the thing you want to become a habit. Share what you do with friends, it's great to have someone else ask how you do or maybe even join you. I did write in my journal for years and it wasn't until last Christmas when I gave my best friend a journal that she started loving it, too, which encourages me even more to keep on going. Reward yourself. the first three to seven days are the hardst when starting something new I find, so I like to get myself a treat when having kept on track for that time. Especially when 'working-out more' is what you want to do, this is a true helper because the actual achievement of a dream body probably won't come until some time later. So eat that ice-cream cone! You deserve it! 

I already said, sometimes I just feel stuck with my life (who doesn't??), so over the course of the last 6 months I changed quite a bit about my habits. I became more serious about journaling again. Not only do I do it on a daily basis, but I also want to focus on emotions more. I was sick of writing the same things every week like 'Today in math we did this..', 'For lunch we had .. and after school the bus was late..' etc. You get the jist. So I really make an effort now to write about how I felt in certain situations. Sometimes it is hard being honest about these things when talking to people, but want to be honest with myself at least. 
Also I spent the month of january developing a work-out routine and for some reason - I'm still working out to this day without some coach kicking my butt. The magic of habits! 

I'm not saying this will work always and for everything. I was gonna get into the habit of art journaling with my 30 day art challenge. Technically I failed on that one already. I don't want to say I didn't have the time (worst excuse ever...) but for me there were thing to be done that had a higher priority. Also I feel like this 'do it on a daily basis' kinda kills my ideas from coming. Usually I work well under pressure but this time.. naah. I will still keep you updated on my journaling this month though. I hope to still get about 30 pages done. 

So yeah, to make a long story short, I love creating new habits and I think everybody should do so as well! It's your life, it's in your hands! Get that new routine going you imagened for so long! Work-out, write on a daily basis or start taking the time to fix yourself a healthy lunch every night to get you through the next day (BEST habit I ever started! I love food...)

Lots of love, Tabea ♥

P.S. Out of the four books I read, Will Grayson is the best - I haven't gotten to the end though and unfortunately those aren't always the best part about John Green books - sorry Mr. Green, love your characters but your ends are always a bit .. flat? Anyway, I just wanted to recommend this band mentioned in Will Grayson to you. They're called Neutral Milk Hotel  and their album In An Airplane Over The Sea is pure genius
! You should all go and check them out and dance and sing crazy to it like I did. I love it. 
If this whole post did not make any sense to you because you have no idea who John Green is... go check him (and his brother) out here!

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