May 11, 2013


Visualizing is probably one of the best things to do if you're stuck with a creative block. Or if you're a Pinterest hoarder like me. Whoever came up with that page must be a genius when it come to understanding the female mindset. I mean, collecting all kinds of cool things and tipps and whatnot without actually spending money, time to make them or having them clutter your apartment? I'd marry that man ... He just gets me, you know?

Because I felt like hundreds of pins still weren't helping me get inspired, I thought why not make them a bit more real.. Especially with fonts or pattern I feel like it's much easier to take inspiration from something printed than from a screen. So I printed some of my favorite pins (btw - I'm claiming any copyright on any of these). Since I wanted to have them up somewhere but still be able to take them off the wall and over to my desk anytime, I used these clips. I love the combination of red and white. One of my favs! I avoided drilling holes into my door to hang them, by using self-adhesive hangers from the bathroom section. Very simple, very handy!

I fell hard for this llama in a sweater. So adorable! I also love colorful watercolor paintings. So for me this  makes pretty much a perfect combination! I love the font used for the yes  - and being a huge fan of Jim Carrey's 'Yes man' I feel like 'yes' is one of those answers we all should give more often! 

So  - yes for hanging things without nails or tape! I'm excited to see my collection grow!
Lots of Love, Tabea

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