May 05, 2013


A wonderful evening to all of you my friends! Yepp it's been a very pleasant and relaxed weekend. I enjoyed some time with my dad and I went shoppng. Well I tried at least, you wouldn't think the mall would that packed on a sunny summer day, but hey, apparently people rather spent their precious weekend spending money than enjoying the nice weather. And yeah .. ranting about others, I'm not any better at all. I went to the craft store ... and got a bit too excited. Basicly I went like this: "BUY ALL THE THINGS!" Hahah! I had a great time digging through all the fun buttons, ribbons and other things they had.
And spending more money than I probably should have, I got inspired to create my second journal challenge page. I've never drawn with coal before, but this coal pen is really fun! 
Well as you can see, I had the best time with this. Getting creative with just a few new-bought supplies is always fun and so refreshing! 

On just a quick sidenote, I was actually at the mall to buy a pair of white Converse - they didn't have my size. Bummer. So instead of buying shoes I grabbed a horribly expensive drink to make myself feel better. It worked out great - Yeay for mango-orange-juice!! 
Lots of love, Tabea ♥

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