May 03, 2013


I LOVE journaling. Hehe, I think I already said that in my last post. This year I really wanted to challenge myself to stretch my creative muscles when it comes to this hobby of mine. Just as much as I love journaling, I love making a list of goals at the beginning of the year. It's just so cool to dream up all these things you'll do during the coming year. This year one of my to-dos was: 'Do a 30 day journal-challenge'. Let me tell ya, I have been putting this off for months, since I think it is quite a big commitment to set aside an hour or so everyday to do some kind of art journaling. But hey, here I am going for it this months! Spring is awesome, May is one of my favs - so let's do it!

I was inspired to start my challenge by these wonderful dandelions which are growing outside my house. I'm always stunned by what nature gives us. To make them last longer than just a few weeks I dried some of them and pressed other between books. You know - just to see how different they turn out. The dryed ones obvioulsy shrunk quite a lot, while the pressed ones just flattened out. I liked both 'looks' though. Since over time all of them will drye out, I think it is cool so have smaller and bigge ones (pressing them = makes bigger).
I chose a really simple layout to create my page. I tried stampig with some of the dried flowers, which created a very light pattern. Over that I wrote all kinds of lovely things I connect with spring. It's always about the small things. Writing this made me so happy because I realized that I get to enjoy these things on a regular basis. I'm such a happy person these days! :)

I taped on some ribbon and some pictures which I took over the last weeks We had a beautiful spring so far this year! Having great natural lighting outside just calls for taking random snapshots all the time!
I'm so pleased with the outcome of this little starter page! It's colorful and springy and I get to keep those pretty pretty dandelions! As I said before - journaling is awesome! 

So excited to share my experience with this challenge with you over the next few weeks! I think there are some really cool things coming up. I'll keep you updatet!

Until next time, lots of love, Tabea ♥

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