May 01, 2013


Remember that little 'glue-incident' I talked about the other day? Here's the outcome of 
that little project! I finally got to sit down and create this small beauty. I always carry a journal in my purse to jot down ideas, things and dates I need to remember or just to doodle. I love hand-making journals, but this one just didn't really coorporate well. I swear not to use super-glue in large amounts again! I just keep using my good old Elmer's glue - can't go wrong with that. So ya, I had a bit of a struggle making this journal, but I'm just satisfied with how it turned out. I'm still in the process of learning so it's all good!

Since my old journal has retired now, I thought it'd be kinda fun to share my favorite pages and doodles with you. So enjoy and get inspired!

Yaaa, as you can see the poor thing had a rough time being carried around for months... but it did a great job. I still love the heart-design no matter how beat up it looks now.

I remember sitting in spanish class when I sketched out my room in it (Don't do this kids - always pay attention to your teacher! Hahah!). I had a blast coming up with all this cool decoration and you know what? I actually made some of this become reality. My parents got me a desk like the one in the middle for my birthday. I use it for all my crafting since sometimes I leave a mess and yeah .. cleaning up is so hard, isn't it? Better to have a seperate desk, so it won't bother me when I need to do homework etc. 

Also I made a jewelry holder like the one in the lower right corner. Might share that one with you soon! I hung pictures above my couch and my bed - so check those off the list, too!
I looove making lists! I always have shopping-lists, to-do-lists, wish-lists and so on. Is there a greater feeling than crossing off the last point on a mile-long to-do-list at the end of the day? I don't think so! Both of the lists above were really just born out of excitement about the upcoming summer. Maaan it's may and I can't wait to go camping with my pals soon! Summer is the best!
More fun doodling! Sometimes there isn't anything better than passing the time by drawing some hearts, birds and happy faces!
Hope you enjoyed that little peek into my journal! Keep journaling you guys, it's a great thing to do!
Lots of love, Tabea ♥

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