May 07, 2013


Hello you crafty ladies and gentlemen out there! Today I wanted to share one of my latest first-time-doing-something adventures with you! Last year during the summer months in the US everyone would wear tie-dye stuff all the time. Sadly I never got to do it myself - another project on my bucket list this summer! Some time ago I came across this blouse at my local thrift store. It was pretty huge, so I had resize it (hehe, I'm by no means a professional seamstress so this was quite the adventure, too!) and since it found white to be a bit boring it called for a cool gradient! Thought it'd be helpful to share my experience with you!

As you can see it didn't turn exactly black but more grey. I still think it's a cool color and this little experiment taught me some things about dyeing. 
So here are my non-professional, things-you-should-know-before-the -first-try tipps:
1) Wear GLOVES! Seriously! I didn't because it didn't have any at hand but still wanted t go        for it so bad. Just wait another day to get some - otherwise you'll regret it. And walk     around with fingers black as if you just dug up a dead body or something! Not fun!
2)  Don't have too high expectations - most likely the color will not come out as you      imagined it. But that's the fun! 
3) You can't dye nylon tights. Most people probably knew that. I didn't  - but I learned!
4) This might be a no-brainer , too, but if you're planning to alter the piece of clothing in     any way - do it before you dye it. Otherwise the thread you use to sew will probably     be awkward to match with the gradient...I'm in love with my new blouse and can't wait to style it with some other fun summer pieces! I will definitly try some tie dyeing this summer! Such unexpected and fun project! 
For now - happy dyeing, I'll see you soon!Lot of love, Tabea ♥

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