June 06, 2013


Hey Sweetiepies! Summertime finaly arrived around here now. Temperatures in the 70s and sunshine non-stop!  Wohoo! So today, because the sun was shining so nicely into my room I thought I'd share some of my inspirational wall art with you. 

I've talked about my obssesion with Pinterest as well as my love for poetry. These posters and prints are basically the cross between those two, short quotes in an artsy packaging. The get the certificate 'super-duper-totally-rad'! I oftentimes catch myself browsing Pinterest's quote section way too long. It's an instant motivation / inspiration cocktail! I don't pin very much of it, because I almost always get overwhelmed and just glide into that stage where you stare at the screen and after a while all the little pictures start dancing. Usually that happens late at night. Other people buy loads of stuff at 3am - I pin words of wisdom. It's all good. 

The poster / painting above though is completely handmade by me though and yepp, I'm kinda proud of it. 

I like to say that I have the happiest nightstand in town. And the most crafty one - I painted both paintings, made the little flower box and obviously my journal. I'm into colors and pink clouds, if you didn't know.

To the poster: I made this because at the time I felt like I needed a bit more of a positive vibe in my daily life. Choosing your attitude is the most important decision you have to make on a daily basis. Choosing and writing those words, I hoped that one day I myself and others could see me this way. Also I like that there is no 'no' or 'don't' on there - I strongly belief in the power of 'yes' (YES MAN FANS UNITE!). It's a little reminder for me now. When I wake up, I can choose to be a person just like this. Positive, thankful, light-hearted and all the other good things. 

Talking about sayings I also wanted to show you another wall art thingy... this time Pinterest hit - big time.
I tried to come up with a cheap way to display some art in my room, without spending like 10 bucks on a single picture frame. I saw this washi tape technique on Pinterest and immediately loved it. It's super simple and can easily be changed up whenever I feel like it. I gathered a few of my favorite quotes and art pins and went for it. It was a one-afternoon project and really fun. The 'I love you deerly' - one is just too charming, isn't it? Yes I love deer, yes I miss seeing them on my way home, yes Minnesota is awesome for deer fans like me! The one with the girl is slightly creepy, but I thinks that's why I like it. Oh and my mom told me it sorta looks like me. Thanks mom, kinda creepy, kinda beautiful - excatly what I'm going for! Haha! 

My favorite is the MORE one. So cool! Ultimate summer advise, isn't it? 
Getting stuck on Pinterest at 3am is probably not the best way to spent your night, but sometimes there's really some great wisdom out there. 

I already took on the advise and went for MORE ...

More sunsets! Uuuh! Pink clouds are for real - summer IS the best! By the way this picture was taken from my friend's car and even though we'd only been in there for like 5 minutes, it felt like a roadtrip!

Get Inspired! 
Lots of Love, Tabea ♥

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