June 13, 2013


Summer is seriously my favorite season. I took this picture around half past 6pm and is was still so nice and bright outside. I just felt this design needed gras as a backdrop. Also my biology trip went on a field trip yesterday. We explored the woods and rivers in a town close-by. Yepp, we're all around the age of 17- 18. It was an exciting day for us. I'm on a nature kick now - thanks biology teacher! 

I created this page rather spontaneously and tried to think of something fun to journal about. I remembered a video I had recently seen on Youtube where someone talked about creating a whole journal about the things one has accomplished in life. Well, I didn't wanna go that far today, but digging up memories is always fun!
I found the 'activate self-esteem' and '100%' signs on a bag from 'The Body Shop' and thought the colors would go perfectly with my baker's twine. 

Because recyceling is awesome I re-used the sheet of baking paper from my Dream Journal to create the pattern on my basic sheet of cardboard. I like going a little crazy with paint ... a destroying brushes apparently. I killed like three of them within the last couple weeks! 

Also I'm having an obsessison with embroidering these days - and the feeling this obsession might continue for quite some time. I think it's kind of a nostalgic thing, since I used to do this with my favorite art teacher in elementary school. She was so sweet! One day she just gave me this whole bag of embroidery thread, needles and other things. Still have some of it today. Great Lady!  
Here's another close-up. I also used some lace and more embroidery, this time with yellow baker's twine. Yeah and then I added some fun stories from my life. I think the average profil information like 'I love crafting and photography' are getting old. These are so much more personal! Here are some further details on the stories... 

1) I was about 10 when this happened and beforehand I had lost a game against my uncle, my cousin and pretty much everyone else who was there. I was bitter! Such a fun game and I was the loser! Because know you better than you know yourself, she felt that I was a bit upset and decided to play another game with just the two of us. Well long story short - I won. Mmmh, just five minutes before my mom had almost won a game against a flipping genius-bowler called my uncle.. I guess my mom is pretty awesome. 

2) No, seriously. I went to America. I bought 'cheese in a can', because we don't have that stuff in Europe. Aaand I had to find a video on Youtube to figure out how to work the can. Yepp, there are videos out there about this topic. 

3) I was about three. Always the same stairs - I wanted to figure out how dogs walk down the stairs so badly. I never figured it out until today so sometimes I'm still tempted to crawl down the stairs head first .. But nah. I don't wanna ruin my senior year GPA. 

4) On a bus ride while we were on class trip to France. I did it to impress everyone else - and then I discovered the deliciouness of chocolate and mayo. I'm not sure if I'll ever eat this stuff again though. Was kind of a 'What happens in France, stays in France' thing.

5) My hostfather laughes about this until today - and so do I. To my defense: I didn't use this word very much in my english class prior to going to the USA. So how was I supposed to know?!

6) I remember this one time when a friend of mine who could swim told me she'd hold on to me and drag me trough on this twirling whirlpool which was supposebly really fun. Well she let go of my hand just when we had gotten in. I and sank and stayed under water until she was all the way around the thing and pulled me up again. For whatever reason I didn't move. I just stared up at the surface and waited, floating throught the water. . Water was never my element. 

7) At my High School they had this thing called 'Camp-in-a-box' to raise awareness for the homeless. You had to raise 20 bucks though to take part in it. So yeah I didn't excatly pay for it, but you get my point!
8) Well apparently I was very tired and my friends weren't. I still love them. 

Hope you enjoyed story-time today! 
Oh and on another note guess who joined me while I was taking the pictures or this post?
My cat is awesome. 
Lots of Love, Tabea + Hildegard the cat ♥

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