June 02, 2013


He's heeeeere! Summertime, Summertime, Summertime! Who's excited? I'm excited! Wohoo. First of July is sort a magic date for me. In terms of seasons I think in a very strict 3-month-equal-one-season rhythm. Remember the posters in elementary school, theachers used to teach you about the four seasons? With dandelions for March, April and May. And green trees for June, July and August and so on? I guess that stuck with me. 

Summer is my favorite season. Vacation, my birthday in August and lots of good food (talk BBQs, fresh fruit, ice-cream ...). I'm a list-type of person. So here's my list for this summer - version number one. I got a about two hundred more things to do and try over the next weeks. High times!

Now I want an award for this pepp-talk - who can stay this positive when June 1st looked like this all the way? ...
Nooops, let's just stay positive and a little tiny bit ironic. We'll find a way out of this grayness. Even if that means shamelessly editing photos, pushing the saturation to its limits!
I honestly don't know why this is, but I literally start every spring/fall/summer list off with GO CAMPING! Somehow I always miss every opportunity to do it though. Well, I'm still positive there will be a night in a tent coming up this time! Because warm summer-nights are perfect for that! 

I really want to start a summer journal to collect all the little bits and bobs, I find along the way. Flyers, letters, photos, maybe some dried flowers. Summer is great to make memories. Swimming and bikinis - no brainer, no? I already talked about the deliciouness that awaits all of us soon. I'm over the moon for homemade Ice-cream!

I'll share about the poetry-one soon - stay tuned for that! As a former exchange students I'm infected with the travel-virus. So roadtrips with flea-markets and festivals as my destination get me all excited! 
Okay the photo above might have been a bit of an exagguration - it didn't rain all day in Berlin. I mean there was a lack of sun - but people were still spreading the vibes of a new, colorful season. Pink chairs are almost as good as ice-cream! Love!

Have a great summer everyone!
Lots of Love, Tabea ♥

P.S. No, neither did I move to Berlin spontaneously, nor did I ran along a window-front to take the rainy picture. I visited our capitol city with one my best friends yesterday and snapped that pink chair picture nearby a substay station in Steglitz. The other picture was taken while we were on the train back home, looking out of the window. Just to clarify things, hehe!

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